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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All you need to know about ROBI:


Q. What is the price of the Robi publication?

A. The first issue comes with a promo price of $9.90.
Subsequent issues at $28.90 each, excluding the list below (premium issues):

Issue 43 (CPU): $55.00
Issue 62 (Physical sensor): $42.00
Issue 63 (Physical sensor): $42.00
Issue 67 (Speech recognition board): $55.00


Q. How many issues are there in the Robi weekly publication?

A. There are a total of 70 issues.


Q. Where can we buy Robi?

A. Robi is made available via retail channels and online platform.



Every new issue will be available at the following retail chain outlets:


Convenience Stores & Retail Kiosks


Toy Stores


Petrol Kiosk





GP Thambi (Holland)



SPH Buzz Kiosk


Toy Market

Jaf Trading (Paragon)





Secret Chamber

Currency Connection (Ion Orchard)


Times Bookshop




New Touch (Blk 196A Punggol Field)


Times Newslink




News Paradise (IMM)






Sri Marketing (Blk 168 Punggol Field)




You can also make your purchase via website to enjoy the special 2% discount online deal. Do look out for monthly promotion deals on to enjoy more perks.


Q: Is there any delivery charges if purchase is made via our website?

A. No. We will provide free delivery for all Robi issues.


Q. How do I make payment for Robi via

A. Please select Robi issues (of your choice) from our website and you can make payment immediately via our shopping cart (Credit card payment).


Q. Which day of the week will Robi be delivered?

A. Robi will be delivered to your doorstep every 2 issues from Wednesday to Friday.


Q. I received a damaged/missing parts in magazine issue in the delivery. How do I get a replacement?

A. We will do a 1-for-1 exchange of your damaged magazine.
Please contact our customer service at +65 6715 7300 (press 4) or email us at (with your details and the photo of the damaged magazine) for more information.


Q. How can I buy the complete Robi without the magazines?

A. We regret to inform you that Robi is not sold as a complete robot, but as a volume of magazine issues available in parts.


Q. Where can I find assembly instructions?

A. Every issue comes with detailed pictorial instructions to assist you with your assembly. All you require is the free screwdriver that is provided in Issue 2. You may also visit the official Robi SG website for video instructions (in Mandarin) and pictorial instructions on Facebook so you can easily assemble your Robi.


Q. What is Robi's battery life as well as its charging duration?

A. Robi is a complex system of motors and electronic components, currently able to operate up to 30 minutes before needing to be charged. Average time for a full charge is 90 minutes.


Q. Is there any service provided for Robi to be assembled if I am not able to build it up myself?

A. We regret to inform you that we do not offer this kind of service. We encourage you to assemble Robi with our pictorial instructions in each issue and instruction videos on Facebook.


Q. How do I update Pansing of my new address?

A. If there is any change to your address, please send us your updated address via e-mail to Please take note that new address would only take effect in 2 weeks’ time. In the event if you are unable to inform us in time, we seek your kind understanding if there is any inconvenience caused in delivery.


Q. How many magazine binders do I need to store my Robi magazine collection?

A. Every binder can hold up to 14 issues, we recommend a total of 5 binders for the 70 Robi issues.


Q. Is the magazine binder eligible for the online 2% discount?

A. As the binder is a separate merchandise from Robi magazine, we do not offer the discount for binder purchases.


Q. How do I contact you for any other enquiries?

A. Customers are welcome to call our customer service hotline at: +65 6715 7300 (press 4)
(Monday to Friday, 9AM – 6PM)
For email enquiries, please state your full name and contact number, and we will attend to you as soon as possible.


Important Information about Robi (by DeAgostini):
1. All Robi components come with a 1-year warranty upon the completion of the 70th issue (from 31st October 2017 – 30th Oct 2018 only) provided by DeAgostini.
- Motherboard
- Speech recognition board
- Physical sensor
- Distribution board
- Remote transmitter
- LED/Mike
- Speakers
- Charging plug


2. The servomotor, servo wires, lithium battery set are also eligible for the 1-year warranty in the absence of one or more of the following conditions:

1) Damage caused by user negligence or improper operation
2) Damage caused by mixed operation with unapproved parts
3) Damage caused by unapproved tampering of components
4) Damage caused by natural disasters and the likes


3. DeAgostini Repairs Service Centre:
DeAgostini provides a 5-year service package for our readers that covers all components (31st October 2017 – 30th Oct 2022).